‘Liturgy’ is shorthand for the elements and sequence of the worship. Every church has a liturgy, whether or not it’s talked about. It is a way of telling a story. Our liturgy tells the true story of God making all things good, the world and humanity turning against him, and his persistent forgiving love rescuing his people through Jesus Christ, who is making all things new in himself. Every week our God tells us the good news that he saves sinners and shapes them into a new people for the good of the world. 

While some of the ways we worship might be foreign to you, we encourage you to try them on for a while and see if you can’t benefit from them. Written prayers read in unison are meant to work the same way songs do — to give a common voice to our personal devotion as we each meditate on their meaning. Learning liturgy, C.S. Lewis said, is like learning to dance. It’s awkward at first, but after a while you focus not on the individual steps, but on the One you are worshiping.  

Throughout that learning process, we would love to walk with you and dialogue about any questions you might have.  For a sneak peak of our weekly worship, check out the Order of Worship Archive below.