Living as a follower of Jesus well in this world is a skill.  It  takes learning and practice – and we are Jesus’ apprentices in that skill.  But like any skill (think of cooking or woodworking), knowledge is needed.  Particular knowledge about God, his world, the church, our own hearts, the Gospel, and the Bible is essential for mature Christian living.

On Sunday mornings between our services (10:15am) we offer dialog based classes aimed at equipping all ages in our church with this essential knowledge.  These courses aim to be practical and theological by applying the truths of the gospel to our everyday lives.

Our Discipleship Workshops follows a quarter schedule every year: Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-Apr), and Spring (Apr-Jun).  We also have various course years for more advanced, in-depth study into the Scriptures and Christian theology.

In 2017-18 we will be offering the follow classes:

  • Spring: Prayer Amidst the Chaos

Our children’s classes are:

Ages 0-2 Nursery

Ages 3-4: Godly Play
Ages 5-6: Godly Play
Ages 7-10: Elementary Bible Study
Ages 11+ Youth Bible Study

Children ages 16 and up are encouraged to participate in the adult study. See below for further info on kids classes.

Enrollment is required since the curriculum is meant to build on itself in the context of weekly commitment. This is simply a commitment on your part that you will be present as much as possible. And of course, we will be happy to admit late-comers! Enrollment for the fall quarter is closed as our classes have reached their maximum capacity. We open enrollment each August, December and March, contact Rachel Gray for more information or you can simply fill out a registration form on a Sunday morning.

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We go to great lengths to introduce our liturgical worship each week, recognizing that most of us are newcomers to it. Imagine what a challenge this is for our children, most of whom can’t even read the bulletin!  While our adult discipleship Workshops are going on, our kids from ages 3-6 will be led through something other churches call ‘Godly Play.’ This is our liturgically structured hands-on approach to teaching children the Scriptures.

     The class has the same basic elements as our worship services, so that as children learn to worship and engage in the class they will also feel more at home in our service in spite of our word-heavy bulletin.  We are excited about this approach because it values children’s worship. This gives them space to think and engage with the Lord in ways that make sense to them, as well as learn the basic stories of Scripture.


Our kids, ages 7-10, will be using the Investigating God’s Word curriculum, which seeks to teach children how to read the Bible as they walk through each book asking questions and discussing. This will be a time to work together and grapple the Scriptures. This is a wonderful age to learn how to read the Scriptures as well as develop foundational friendships centered around Christ.


Youth, ages 11-15, will be gathering around a New Testament book each week, walking through it verse by verse. This is a great time for them to ask serious questions, and explore what it means to embrace Christ as their own. The conversational approach of this study will make space not only for them to ask their questions, but also to get to know each other on a

deeper level.