Mission to the World is a world-wide missional community of the PCA that collaborates in transformative church-planting and renewal movements. We have been on mission at Lummi for the past 20 years where the ministry has progressed from only community clean up projects to mid-week bible studies, deeds of mercy in the form of construction for impoverished families, and Vacation Bible Schools in the summer.

MTW and Christ Church Bellingham, through the Wadhams family, are seeking to walk with the Lummi in the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have committed to a ministry that exhibits the excellencies of God that flows through long term, interdependent relationships, and which are built on trust as we learn from each other.


By reaching present and future generations of the Salish people, respecting the tribe, and focusing on the development of leadership, we hope to:


  • Present a credible witness
  • Continue with deeds of love
  • Encourage discipleship
  • Plant an indigenous church

If you are interested in praying for this ministry, or supporting this work, please contact Michael Wadhams.