Preventing Abuse, Binding up Wounds:

A conference on trauma care and prevention in the church

Conference Description

Leadership in the church of Jesus Christ is a holy trust from God himself, who loves his people and is fiercely devoted to them. Any power that we have—at home, in the workplace, in society, or in the church—is ours only as it is received from God. That power carries with it both unique temptations and unique opportunities to bless others.

This conference equips leaders in the church to more fully to protect and serve those under their care. Sadly, many people come to church bearing emotional and spiritual scars from abuse (past or present) received from those in power over them—parents, spouses, bosses, or church leaders. On top of that, oftentimes church leaders are well-meaning but clumsy in their efforts to help, adding extra hurt to already painful circumstances. 

This conference is for those who earnestly desire to grow in wisdom and insight in these matters, so as to better strengthen those who have been sinned against and bind up their wounds.

Physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse is much more common in the church than we would like to think. How do we minister to these people well? And how do we do everything in our power to ensure that our churches are a refuge for those who need “shelter from the storm” (Isaiah 32:2)?


Session 1: Understanding Power and Its Abuse

Session 2: Understanding Abuse

Session 3: Response of the Church

Session 4: Q&A with Dr. Langberg


About Dr. Langberg

Diane Langberg, PhD, is globally recognized for her work with trauma victims. She has trained caregivers the world over in responding to trauma and to the abuse of power. She also directs her own counseling practice of sixteen therapists with multiple specialties. A long-time member of Calvary PCA in Willow Grove, her most recent book is Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ restores.


  • Date

    October 19, 2019

    9 am – 4 pm

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  • Location

    Christ Church Bellingham

    2826 Birchwood Ave.

    Bellingham, WA 98225

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  • Cost

    Early bird: $25 (by Sep. 19)

    General: $35 (by Oct. 17)

    Day-of: $45

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9–10: Session 1, Understanding Power and Its Abuse

10:30–11:30: Session 2, Understanding Abuse

11:30–1:30: Lunch

1:30–2:30: Session 3, Response of the Church

2:45–3:45: Session 4, Q&A with Dr. Langberg



I’m not a pastor; is this conference for me?

While this conference is for church leaders broadly, its principles apply to anyone working with victims of abuse. If you are in a position of authority or influence in this realm, this conference is relevant to you. In fact, friends and allies of those who have undergone trauma and abuse—and even victims of abuse—can benefit from this conference.


Who is Diane Langberg?

Diane Langberg, PhD, is globally recognized for her work with trauma victims. You can learn more about her and her ministry here


Is childcare provided?


There will not be childcare for this event. 


Does registration include a meal? 


Registration includes light refreshments in the morning and afternoon between sessions. We encourage conference attendees to go to lunch together at one of our suggested Bellingham restaurants


Is there a registration cap?

Yes, registration is capped at 250. 

Will this conference be recorded? 

Yes, and you will find it after the conference at 

If I register but cannot come, can I get a refund? 

We cannot issue a refund. However, we ask that you would let us know so that we can free up the spot for another person.