Women's Ministry

Women's Bible Study

Weekly October to December and February to May, women of CCB and friends meet to study the Bible.  One group meets at CCB on Wednesday mornings; childcare is provided for this group. Several other groups meet on Thursday evenings in homes throughout the county. We all work our way through a book of the Bible using a study curriculum and occasionally we read and discuss a book that sheds light on the God of the Bible. While Bible study is always our focus, we also spend time sharing and praying for one another.


The purpose of Christ Church Bellingham’s Women’s Bible Study is to glorify God by encouraging women to love, gratefully serve, and joyfully obey their Lord Jesus Christ through diligent study of the Bible, honest prayer, and meaningful fellowship.

We seek to:

  • Be curious about the Bible and our God.
  • Show up to God through reading and studying each week, doing our best to answer the questions and to dive into our own questions.
  • Show up to each other by attending to the best of our ability, by giving our input and by asking questions of the group.
  • Give grace to others. There are times and reasons why we aren’t able to show up.
  • Give grace to ourselves. Please attend even if you aren’t able to complete the week’s study.


In early spring we retreat together! The retreat is filled with fellowship, laughter, good food, meaningful

teaching, and fun. Many report loving the chance to meet new sisters in the Lord and to catch up with

those whom they don’t often see. It also offers the rare experience of getting away from one’s

environment in order to see the Lord one’s life with fresh and more objective eyes. There’s time to

listen, time to talk, and time to be alone with the Lord. This year we will be at Cedar Springs Retreat Center March 20–22.  You can register here.

Retreat FAQS

  • Can I bring my baby? Non-mobile infants are welcome to join mom on the retreat. However, we find that mobile children(crawling/walking) do not allow mom to rest and retreat.
  • Can I drive myself? Yes! We simply ask that you arrive in time for dinner Friday evening and let us know what time you will be leaving.
  • Can I attend for one night? Yes, but we pay the retreat center for the full weekend so we cannot offer a discount.
  • Can I attend for Saturday only? Yes! We reserve a limited amount of spots for day-trippers. Since there is limited room, please only sign up for the day if you are unable to stay the weekend.

Fellowship Events

Periodically, and especially during the summer, we get together in someone’s home. We reconnect, eat,

play, and enjoy a short teaching or panel discussion.