Jesus said that the mark of being one of his disciples was love He also said people would come to honor God when they saw that our lives were marked by deeds of love.  When a person has come to believe the Gospel (that while I was still a sinner Jesus died to forgive all my sins and give me new life), that heart is transformed to love all kinds of people they never would have loved before. At CCB, God has gathered a community who is determined to live by this truth: God loved us in Jesus, so we want to love our neighbors.  

By the leading of his Spirit, he has now opened a number of ways for us to love those in our community.  We do this locally in our tutoring ministry, caring for the fatherless as we support fostering and adoptive families, seeking to build relationships with the Lummi, and partnering with the Northwest Church Planting Network and other church-planting efforts around the globeWe hope that you can come be a part of his work among us.