CCB was planted in 2009 through the Northwest Church Planting Network.  Church planting is in our DNA, and ever since our inception we have been very involved in church planting through generous financial support (over 10% of our operating budget goes to church planting), leadership in the Northwest Church Planting Network, and offering church planting internships and coaching.  We are excited to be a part of the spread of gospel-centered churches throughout the Pacific Northwest, and throughout the world.

The ultimate expression of our church planting dreams is to plant our own daughter church. In the last year this goal has finally been realized by adding Church Planting Resident Jon Neville. We'll be planting  a new church in Whatcom County. If you're interested in learning more contact Jon Neville.


If you are interested in learning more about church planting, listen to Pastor Tim Keller’s helpful talk on church planting here.  If you are interested in our summer church planting internships (for current or completed seminary students), please contact Nate Walker.