CCB Sermon Series

Below is a list of our current and previous sermon series. We hope that God would use the teaching here to enrich your love and trust in his unfailing grace. Also, check out our sermons on our itunes podcast here.

  • Here is our sermon archive for the first six years of our church.

  • The church in the Roman city of Corinth in the 1st century was messy and divided.  In this letter, Paul addresses the main issues plaguing a young church by pointing them to the power of the Gospel. This series is a careful and practical exposition of this brilliant letter, and you will find how remarkably applicable the themes of 1 Corinthians are to our day.

  • The Bible tells us the world is a beautiful place, filled with pleasures and joys, and yet it is also unpredictable. And can't be controlled. How do we live in such a strange place? The Book of Ecclesiastes gives us deep and mysterious answers (often the form of riddles), but shows us that Jesus is the key that unlocks the mysterious doors of the this world.

  • This sermon series gives a basic overview of the essential teachings in the bible on parenting. These are invaluable for raising our children to know the love of Christ and to serve him in the world.

  • Like a Director's Cut, the Gospel of John gives us Jesus from another angle. Focusing on Jesus' signs and trips to feasts in Jerusalem, we gain intimate access to many of Jesus' most profound teachings through the eyewitness testimony of the Beloved Disciple. 

  • This first Gospel shows how Jesus is the dramatic and unexpected ending to the great story of the Old Testament. Jesus is the new Abraham, the new Moses, the new David and Solomon, the new prophet. He is also the one who is bring the kingdom of peace to this world through the cross.

  • Ruth is a short, touching love story about Jesus' distant ancestors and how God's wisdom and kindness bound together a broken family. It is remarkable how much of this book is relevant in every age of human culture—especially ours.

  • This is the book of beginnings. And though many may think of Genesis as a distant book of fairy-tales, this sermon series will show you how throughout human history, God's grace has been the answer to humanities sins. And throughout, this book shows us that ultimately that grace comes to us only in Jesus.

  • This short book is a great introduction to the basics of the Christian life: be loved by God in Christ, and as a result learn to love others. This simple, but profound truth is revelant for the brand new Christian, or for the saint who has been walking with the Lord for decades.

  • This is the first volume of Luke's two part series: Luke and Acts. Luke especially shows us how Jesus came to draw the least and weak to himself. Or as he said himself, "The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost."

  • This short letter is a power encouragement to those Christians who are facing suffering in their lives. It teaches us how God gives us an unfading hope in Jesus, but also uses our sufferings to form Christ in us.

  • Many of us pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to talk with counselors who guide us through our troubles and listen to us in our pain. What if Christians had the love and wisdom to do that throughout their life to whoever they meet—those inside the church and out? This sermon series is a brief introduction to a Biblical understanding of counseling. The story of the Bible is a great guide for understanding the depths of human life.