What to expect

Coming to a church for the first time can be intimidating. We are glad that you might take that risk by joining us!

We are a loving and energetic community with people of all ages.  We hope your first impression would be that, “This is a group of people who seem to have been loved by Jesus.”

Our services are “liturgical,” meaning that our Sunday worship follows a historic ordering of prayers, songs, teaching, and communion which acts like a dialog between us and God.  He invites us into his presence, forgives our sins, teaches us from the Bible, and feeds our souls.  We respond by confessing our sins together, singing hymns and spiritual songs, and offering ourselves for his service.  It is a beautiful and rich exchange, but it may take a few visits to get used to it.  We often invite new people to try coming to our church for seven Sundays to really get a feel for how we do things.

Though we observe historic church traditions, we are definitely a “Bellingham church.”  Dress is casual. The music is eclectic Americana folk. Our manner is informal, but sincere.  Expect both joy and gravity as we approach the Almighty God.

We hope you come for a visit!


Let the Children Come to Me | Kids are a gift, from their new life at birth to their joy and energy as they grow. We also believe that children are just as welcome  as any adult to come worship King Jesus, since he himself welcomed them as full members in his kingdom (Luke 18:16). For this reason we encourage families to keep their children with them in the worship service so they can learn to trust, worship and pray to God as we celebrate his grace together.  To help families with young children, we have two ministries located in our Children's Ministry portable behind the sanctuary.

NurseryThe nursery is open at the beginning of service for children from birth-2 years.  You are welcome to drop your child off at any time during the service. Our children learn the foundational stories of the bible through activities, songs, story time, and playing together. You can sign in your child with service producer in the entryway of the portable on arrival.

Kid's Class | Kids ages 35  who are able to sit in a group and learn can start off in the service. The will be dismissed to a separate class during greeting time before sermon. You can lead your child to the class or walk them to the teacher in the lobby. Our preschoolers learn the love and grace of Christ through dialogue with the teacher, study of the Word, hands-on activities, and fellowship. They will return to the sanctuary when the sermon is over.

Resources to Help | We provide kids Bibles, clipboards and crayons in the lobby as a resource for busy little hands. While we recognize leading your kids in worship can be quite a challenge, we are also committed to helping you navigate and cultivate your child's devotion to the Lord. 

Further Questions | Contact Tabithah Schwandt

Volunteers & Safety

We take your children's safety as seriously as you do. All our volunteers have been background checked (state and national) and interviewed before being placed on a team of at least two people. To further train our volunteers we also have begun conducting a yearly, nationally recognized, abuse prevention training called, "Darkness to Light." When you bring your child to the nursery or kids class in the middle of service, we will have you sign your child in with one of our service producers.