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Welcome to Christ Church Bellingham!  

We are a community of people from all different backgrounds finding out what it is to be loved by Jesus.   If you have never set foot in a church, you will find our community to be a warm and inviting place to discover the love of God in Jesus Christ.   If you are a Christian who has walked with God for decades, you will find us to be a place where your soul will be renewed and revived by the deep love of Christ revealed in the Scriptures.   We welcome the believer and skeptic, the young and old, the hurting, the zealous, and the lost. 

We are a church centered on the person and work of Jesus. So we believe that our joy is at its fullest when we are joined to and rooted in Christ. This means that every Sunday, we talk about the gospel –  the good news of Christ bringing his kingdom and presence into this world through his Word, in the church, by the Spirit. 

Life in this world is complex and challenging, and prompts hard questions requiring profound answers. We believe Christ is the one who fathoms the depths of difficulty, and yet offers us overflowing joy and true life in the midst of it. Come with us and explore what all of this means. 

We would love to meet you in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.  

In Christ,

Pastor Nate Walker

The mission of Christ Church Bellingham is to proclaim the excellencies of God in Bellingham and from there throughout the world through worship, disciple-making, deeds of love, and church planting.